Parliant Corporation has launched CurbTalker
(, an audio listing service (IVR hotline)
for real estate brokers that helps them determine which ads generate
leads. It logs callers for call-back and produces color reports.

CurbTalker answers calls from prospects, delivers property
information, and transfers the potential buyer to an agent’s
cellphone or takes a message. CurbTalker tracks the ads callers
respond to and creates per-property and brokerage-wide reports. It
includes the hardware and software you need to run it on your own
computer and line, and it keeps your data safe in-house, with no
monthly fees, says Kevin Ford, Parliant president.

CurbTalker includes both software and hardware, and retails for
US$895 per line. It requires a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 or later and
a standard phone line or Internet line that accepts standard