Sonic Boom (, a developer and publisher
of personalized mobile entertainment, has announced that it has
launched the first ringtone maker for the iPhone, ToneMaker with
Voice. It allows users to create original iPhone ringtones using a
selection of music tracks in various genres — hip-hop, rock,
reggaeton, pop, country, electronic and more — while recording and
mixing in their own voices on top of the tracks.

ToneMaker has been previously available exclusively on Verizon
Wireless. The iPhone app expands the number of carriers that will
enable personalized ringtones, including AT&T Wireless in the U.S.
Personalized ringtones are growing overall as a share of the global
mobile content market, even though ringtone sales continue to decline.

Sonic Boom has optimized the design of ToneMaker for the iPhone,
taking advantage of the larger touchscreen interface and its voice
recording, says CEO David Danon. He says that it’s a music mixing
application that requires no music knowledge.

A new mix is automatically created once a user chooses a music style.
Using a four-track graphical user interface on the touch-screen of
the iPhone, users can change parts — drums, bass, lead, and rhythm
— to create their personalized music and ringtone. Users can mix
genres, change tempos, and control tracks — including celebrity
loops from major artists — individually through advanced mixing
features. The Producers Lounge community enables users to share,
remix, and download other users’ tones, and rate them.