Software Engineering Made Easy for Mac OS X

Placitas, NM – January 11, 2005 – Excel Software began shipping MacA&D OSX
1.0, a native Mac OS X edition of its flagship products, WinA&D for Windows
and MacA&D OS9 for Macintosh OS 9. MacA&D OSX is a software engineering
tool that automates requirements management, software modeling, code
generation, reengineering and flexible report generation. It builds on an
18-year lineage of MacA&D OS9 and WinA&D use by thousands of software
developers in consulting, industrial and defense companies.

MacA&D OSX implements the full UML notation for object-oriented software
design. Package and class diagrams show class structure. Use cases
identify the system boundary and capture the functional requirements.
Statecharts define specific states of a system and events that cause
transitions between states. Object interactions are shown on communication
or sequence diagrams, while activity diagrams reveal parallel behavior.
Deployment diagrams illustrate runtime relationships for hardware and
software components.

MacA&D OSX supports structured analysis and design of multi-tasking,
real-time systems. Data and control flow diagrams show the flow of
information through a system. State diagrams and tables identify modes of
operation and event handling. Task diagrams illustrate threads of
execution connected by operating system services. Structure charts
highlight call structure between modules.

Database designers use entity-relation diagrams (ERDs) to illustrate
logical and physical views of an information system. These data models
identify tables, views, constraints, assertions, triggers, indexes,
procedures and other SQL elements that are used to automatically generate
the SQL schema code for an RDBMS. Designers can easily toggle between
logical and physical models and show different levels of detail on the

MacA&D OSX provides an integrated solution for managing requirements with
capabilities to identify, specify, group, track and control requirements.
To leverage its modeling environment, MacA&D OSX has code generation for
object-oriented, procedural and database designs. In conjunction with
MacTranslator, class, structure and data models can be automatically
generated from code. The extensive suite of verification, balancing,
import and export commands help locate information, check for errors and
share work with other users, development tools and platforms. The
built-in, fully scriptable report generator comes with over a dozen
standard reports for viewing project information using an HTML browser or
word processor.

MacA&D OSX runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or later. The Single User License priced
at $1995 includes both printed and PDF manuals on CD. See for site license information and product descriptions.