Mac Users Can Easily Open and Use Word 2007 Docx Documents Now

Panergy’s docXConverter is the first software that enables Mac programs to
be compatible with the new Word 2007 format

Ramat Hasharon, Israel – December 20, 2006 – Mac users can easily open and
use documents saved in the new Word 2007 docx format, thanks to the
docXConverter from Panergy Ltd. The first software of its kind,
docXConverter is available now.

Some Mac and Windows programs are not able to read the new docx default
file format that was introduced in the new Word 2007 (November 30).
However, docXConverter allows users of Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.4 to open a docx
document and continue working with it exactly as if they had received a
traditional Word (doc) document.

“It is highly likely that Mac users will soon start receiving ‘docx’ files
created on Windows,” explained Mickey Sonnenschein, Panergy’s vice
president of marketing. “With this software, Mac users will not notice any
difference between working on a ‘docx’ or a ‘doc’ document, even without
upgrading any programs.”

How it Works

docXConverter reads the docx file, converts it to a format easily read by
the programs on the computer, and directs one of the computer’s programs to
open the converted file. All these operations are done seamlessly and in
the background. Set-up is automatic and completed in seconds. The settings
can be configured to meet particular needs.

In addition to users of Microsoft Word on Mac, docXConverter is helpful for
users of non-Office programs such as word processors, desktop publishing,
graphics and email programs who need to be compatible with the new Word

Availability and Pricing

The docXConverter software, which costs US$19.95, is available now.

Multiple license versions of Office 2007 are now available; general
availability is scheduled for January 30, 2007.

About Panergy

Panergy Ltd. has been developing cross-platform software for the Mac and PC
since 1992. Panergy’s software allows users to access documents created by
applications that the users do not have. The private company is based in
Ramat Hasharon, Israel. For more information, go to, email, or fax