TORRANCE, CA — August 14, 2007 –MicroNet Technology, an innovator in
storage solutions, today rolled out a new compact high-performance e-SATA
storage array that combines multi-terabyte capacity and exploits the full
potential of SATA-2 data bandwidth to deliver an unprecedented performance
and value in RAID storage for SMB and SOHO customers.

The new SR-4 Blackbird SATA RAID array is MicroNet’s answer to the
traditional RAID disk array. It packs four SATA drive bays with up to 4 TBs
of capacity into a compact 12-pound device with a desktop footprint about
half the size of a sheet of notebook paper. MicroNet designed the SR-4
Blackbird array for best-in-class performance, providing an ideal
high-speed, high-capacity storage solution for the busy professional and
home user. Utilizing cutting edge eSATA-300 technology, the MicroNet SR-4
Blackbird SATA RAID boasts a pure SATA-2 architecture, eliminating the
costly and performance-draining interface bridging and protocol conversions
that other solutions require. It also leverages the Native Command Queuing
feature of SATA-2 technology to further improve data throughput by
intelligently managing the file transfers and adds up to 16 MB of data
buffer cache to further boost data throughput. The result is best-in-class
read performance of up to 240 MB/sec., and write performance of up to 200

“eSATA is a key enabling technology that opens the door for SOHO and SMB
users to SCSI-type performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional
SCSI RAID solutions,” said Joe Trupiano, director of marketing at MicroNet.
“Just as with its SR-71 namesake, the SR-4 Blackbird was built for speed,
but at a price that makes it accessible to a wide range of customers, from
home users needing high capacity to store data intensive digital content,
to SMB and SOHO business customers that need multi-terabyte capacity
combined with performance that can support bandwidth intensive applications
such as digital video production and streaming media.”

In addition to its market-leading performance, the SR-4 Blackbird SATA
array maintains MicroNet’s traditional simplicity and ease of use. It
provides an operating system independent design with support for Windows,
Mac OS X and Linux. Each unit is bundled with an eSATA RAID controller,
enabling the customer to specify either PCI-Express or PCI-X controllers.
The SATA-2 drives plug directly into the unit’s backplane, eliminating the
complexity of drive cabling and simplifying the process of swapping out
drives for repairs or upgrades. The SR-4 Blackbird SATA RAID provides the
customer with complete configuration flexibility to meet specific storage
requirements. It can be configured for any home or office requirements,
including a simple JBOD, high-speed parity protection or as a maximum
performance disk array with support for RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5 and RAID-10.

MicroNet’s SR-4 Blackbird SATA RAID arrays are currently available in 1, 2,
3 and 4 TB capacities. Pricing starts at $599 for a 1 TB configuration with
a PCI-X card and scales up for the 4 TB model with a PCI-Express card. All
SR-4 Blackbird SATA RAID arrays are protected by MicroNet’s 1 year limited

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