DEVONtechnologies today announced the release of DEVONthink Professional Office public beta 2, the latest version of its extension to its DEVONthink product line, adding email archiving, paper capture, and Web sharing to the document manager for Mac. Version 1.3b2 adds: a new toolbar button for importing selected mailboxes from all major email applications including all sub-mailboxes, and it indicates when it switches an email application to offline status while importing messages; the compatibility to PowerMail has been improved, and it shows more human-readable messages in the Log window; and more. DEVONthink Professional Office requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and is scheduled for final release in January 2007. DEVONthink Professional Office sells for an introductory price of US$139.95 during the public beta period, after which it will be US$149.95.