New York — November 5, 2007 — Freeverse, Inc. today announced the release
of Sound Studio 3.5.5, an update to the popular sound recording and editing
tool. This updated version provides full compatibility for Mac OS X 10.5
Leopard, along with other enhancements and fixes.

What’s new in Sound Studio 3.5.5:

– Fully Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
– Adds a “Set Zoom to Default” menu item command.
– Fixes a bug with default window size.
– Fixes a bug with opening System 7 Sound files.
– Fixes a bug with the AppleScript “change pitch” command.
– Fixes a bug with changing the view box in the waveform overview.

Sound Studio’s simplified interface makes it an excellent choice for
hobbyists, while giving professionals the features they need at a great

Freeverse also announced the release of updates to the Monbot automation
assistants for Sound Studio 3. The updates provide full compatibility with
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Without compromising Sound Studio’s renowned simplicity and ease of use,
Monbots are separate applications provide incredibly powerful automation
and new functionality designed for specific Sound Studio 3 users, such as
podcasters or those who do complicated batch processing. The Monbot
assistants are free and require Sound Studio 3.5.5.

The Monbots are:
– Stitch, an assistant to combine many audio files together into a single
audio file.
– Bookend Audio, an assistant for automating the addition of intro and
outro audio to multiple sound files.
– Clean & Convert, an assistant to batch-process files to remove unwanted
noise or frequencies.
– Mastering Console, a comprehensive tool for automating many different
Sound Studio 3 abilities, including equalization, reverb, and band-pass

Sound Studio 3.5.5 is priced at just $79.95 and is available at Mac
retailers and on the web at

More information and a free demo may be found at:

About Freeverse:
Freeverse strives to develop and publish seamless software, with a
particular concentration on the Mac OS. Our developed and published titles
have been honored with more Apple Design Awards than any other company.
Headquartered in New York City, Freeverse draws upon the talents of
artists, programmers, and sound designers from around the globe.