VoIP call recording software VONaLink SoloRecord is ready for Leopard,
Apple’s latest version of Mac OS X.

Richmond Hill, Ontario (PRWEB) November 5, 2007 — Arcosoft Inc., developer
of VoIP call recording software, today announced that VONaLink SoloRecord
has been tested on Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. VONaLink works with any
VoIP phone system based on the open SIP standard, such as Vonage, to record
phone calls and to provide screen pops. Also available is a separate
VONaLink ScreenPop product, if recording is not required.

Call recording benefits a company by allowing business transactions over
the phone to be verified and disputes resolved. With traditional phone
systems, calls are recorded with either analog equipment or expensive,
proprietary products from the phone company. With the latest VoIP systems
built on open, standard protocols, calls can be recorded by monitoring
network packets.

VONaLink SoloRecord works with any SIP based VoIP system. Soft phone, hard
phone and analog phone via an adapter are supported. The call is recorded
as a stereo WAV or compressed file. An inaudible watermark can be added to
the recording for later verification that the file has not been changed.

Using the caller ID of the incoming call, SoloRecord or ScreenPop searches
for the caller in Address Book, or launches custom applications to search
the web or company database. If the caller is found, the information is
popped on the screen, thereby increasing the productivity of the user.

Unwanted callers can be added to the reject list. Integration with Vonage
Click to Call allows outbound calls to be placed by clicking in the call
log within the VONaLink application.

SoloRecord and ScreenPop are universal binaries that run on Mac OS X v10.3
and later. Prices are $99 USD for SoloRecord, and $29 USD for ScreenPop.
Evaluation downloads are available from (http://www.vonalink.com)

About Arcosoft Inc.:

Arcosoft Inc., founded in 1997, is the developer of VONaLink VoIP call
recording software and RunFAX fax server. Other products in the VONaLink
suite include SoloRecord, ScreenPop, TeamRecord and DialBridge for Windows.