UZBL has developed a kit that allows you to accessorize the iPad 2 to make it more easily usable in any setting: the FLEX for iPad 2 (

It includes a snap-on handstrap to hold your Apple tablet, a shoulder strap to carry it,  and a snap-on rotating pivot with a 1/4″ tripod thread that can be screwed onto any camera mount or accessory. The FLEX is compatible with a range of accessories and allows the iPad 2 user to stick, clamp, wrap, hang, or prop the iPad 2 almost anyplace. A styled silicone skin adds the finishing touch and protects the iPad 2 if dropped.

The FLEX kit began as a protective cover with integrated ribs cells to provide shock absorbancy to protect the iPad in rugged settings such as schools. Feedback from parents and educators led UZBL to integrate additional features and attachments to prevent the drops and to allow the iPad to be comfortable to hold and maneuver.

UZBL took this a step further, by adding a tripod thread to an included attachment.  The tripod thread opens up the FLEX kit to an array of mounts and pods already being used with millions of cameras and video recorders.

For a very limited time the FLEX kit can be pre-ordered at Kickstarter ( for US$59.