CS Odessa (http://www.conceptdraw.com) has announced a newly formed
academic relationship between BBS Landau Vocational School in Landau,
Germany and CS Odessa. BBS Landau has selected ConceptDraw Office
Suite to incorporate their project management course track into their
syllabus for upper full-time classes.

ConceptDraw Office Suite is designed with the accumulation of over
15-years experience in developing business productivity applications,
data visualization technologies and breakthrough project management
solutions. ConceptDraw Office will be used to teach modern project
management concepts and best practices to the students of BBS Landau.

The project management courses offered at the school are an integral
part of the strategic Project Management Program developed to
encourage the wide adoption of modern productivity and business
management techniques to young professionals. To support this
program, the BBS Landau and CS Odessa have established an academic
relationship with each other to implement ConceptDraw Office as the
core facility and resource to educate project management data.

ConceptDraw Office is a business productivity software suite aimed at
helping project managers and knowledge workers in businesses of any
size to successfully complete their work in an efficient and
productive manner. ConceptDraw Office addresses the needs of the
modern manager with a single solution that covers all aspects of
managing a task or project, including creative work, team management,
project planning, information management, and the tracking and
reporting of results to stakeholders and executives.