Dockland Software has announced Fantasktik
(, taskbar application for Mac
OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”). It lets users see and switch between open
windows and applications.

Fantasktik groups windows by application. Double-clicking on an
application icon provides a way to manage the taskbar real-estate by
collapsing and expanding the windows associated with the application.
Among Fantasktik’s features are large document previews created with
Leopard’s Core Animation technology. Just hover over a window and
Fantasktik will display a smooth animation to show the window

Inspired by the new multitouch interfaces, Fantasktik introduces
Click and Slide to browse through open windows. Click and Slide
offers a way to see all windows while keeping a minimal interface.

Dockland Software is currently offering Fantasktik at an introductory
price of US$9.99 until Sept. 30. After this it will cost $14.99. A
fully-functional, 15-day demo version is available for download.