Quick-dial a number and quick-send a text message from any application

Berlin, June 17, 2008 — Berlin based nova media unveiled ‘Phone plugins’
today, a utility to quick-dial a selected number and quick-send a text
message with one click from any program in Mac OS X Leopard.

“Back in 10.4 it was possible to dial a number and send a text message from
the Address Book using a cell phone connected over bluetooth.” states Jan
Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. “Apple has discontinued this
option in 10.5. We did not only bring it back to life, but have improved it
as well.”

Phone plugins includes its own Bluetooth wizard to connect a cell phone to
the Mac in one convenient step. The software can be used immediately after
the pairing with no need to restart the Mac.

Phone plugins do not require to open any extra application to issue a call
or to send a text message. It is suffcient to select any number and choose
‘Dial number’ or ‘Send text message’ within Address Book or within any
other Mac OS X-compatible application by using the ‘Services’ menu. Phone
plugins will eitehr have the cell phone issue a call and bring up a status
window on the screen or open a text message window on the screen

If the selected number is known to Address Book, Phone plugins will display
the appropriate name in the new call window or text message window

Phone plugins is available today for US-$ 9.95 (Euro 9,95) plus VAT if
applicable on nova media’s website http://www.novamedia.de . A demoversion
is provided as well.

Phone plugins requires Mac OS X 10.5.2 or higher and a compatible cell
phone from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson.

About nova media:
The founders of “nova media Mobile Data Solutions GmbH” started their
business in 1996 in Berlin. The company specializes on mobile data
solutions for Mac OS X. More information at http://www.novamedia.de or
phone +49 30 3909040.