Markzware has released Q2ID for InDesign CC on Mac and Windows platforms. It’s an InDesign plug-in that supports the new Adobe InDesign CC version for the Creative Cloud.

The Q2ID for InDesign CC plug-in can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CC, the new Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud version. Data conversion with the plug-in is enabled with a single click and re-creates QuarkXPress QXP content within a new InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) document. The Q2ID Adobe CC plug-in will convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CC, including such items as page positioning, fonts, styles, images, text attributes, tables, layers, blends, runarounds, linked text boxes, anchored boxes, Pantone colors, and color models.

The price of a 1-year subscription for this Adobe CC plug-in is US$199 and includes any upgrades, updates and bug fixes that occur within that 12-month time frame. For more info go to .