Vvidget: Database Visualization For All Cocoa Applications And Web Pages
June 17, 2008

VVI once again leads the way with the first database visualization
tool for all Mac OS X Cocoa Applications, Developer Tools,
WebObjects, Web Services and web pages with minimal or no programming
required. Features of the new version 10.5.5 of Vvidget include:

– Xcode/Interface Builder: Seamless interoperability with Apple’s
developers tools. Visualize database data in graph format through
Interface Builder, even while prototyping! Database visualization
originates from an Interface Builder library view which can be
dragged and dropped into any Cocoa application’s windows.

– Web Pages: Seamless integration in web pages and web application
servers. Even static HTML pages can visualize database tables

– Vvidget Builder: Assign fetch parameters in Vvidget Builder and
visualize your database over time with no additional tools or

– No Programming: Database related parameters are assigned using the
Vvidget Builder user interface and requires no additional setup or

– State Of The Art: Includes a one-of-a-kind Universal MySQL
Connector for all Mac OS X 10.5 based computers (Intel and PowerPC
computers and 32 and 64 bit CPUs).

– Highly Popular: The connector can be used to access any compliant
MySQL database server, which can include 32 or 64 bit version from 4
to 5 on Solaris, Windows, Linux, HPUX, Mac OS X, and other unix flavors.

– Database Connectors: Connections to other database servers such as
Oracle, MS SQL Server achieved by installing manufacturer appropriate

– Legendary Enterprise Integration Services: VVI has provided
integration services for MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL database
servers for a decade and is one of the most experienced database-
related software vendors and system integrators specializing in Mac
OS X projects.

To download Vvidget and the MySQL connector see: http://
www.vvidget.org/builder/download. For consulting and integration
services email info@vvi.com.

For additional information please see:


About Vvidget: Tens of thousands of Mac users have downloaded
Vvidget, making it one of the most popular point-and-click graphing
solutions for Mac OS X. That same software is used to automate graphs
for desktop applications, dashboard widgets and web sites. Vvidget
has been used for years by Mac independent software vendors,
corporate developers and technical professionals because it is easy
to use, integrates seamlessly with the application development tools
provided with Mac OS X, is widely available with free download of the
base system and can be combined and redistributed with developer’s
own applications.

About VVI: VVI is a privately held corporation founded in 1989. VVI’s
customers are world-leading companies in the banking, biotechnology,
chemical, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical
industries. Systems that VVI helped build have been operational for
years and at this time are monitoring billions of dollars worth of
products in real time and on a global scale. These systems are, in
part, based on VVI’s Vvidget Pro and Peer Visual products.