June 1998 — VICOM FTP Client 2.8.1 released, with more efficient memory
usage and improved features. Version 2.8.1 of the VICOM FTP Client, our
high-speed file transfer program for the efficient multi-threaded transfer
of files to a number of different host types, is now available. This latest
release includes:

* Unique new resumable uploads ability: Can resume uploads after an
unexpected disconnection. Ideal for web sites.

* Improved resume downloads facility: Partially completed downloads can be
resumed, even if started using a different application, such as Netscape

* WebTen support.

* FTP Command Line can now be switched off to allow the FTP Client to run

* More efficient memory usage allowing more simultaneous connections to be

* Live scrolling now supported.

* Improved filtering options.

This release also includes a number of other compatibility & maintenance
fixes together with a number of enhancements. Download the latest demo
version from our web site and try out these new features for yourself.
Current users of any full version can download a free updater.

For more details on VICOM FTP Client, including the features and fixes in
version 2.8.1 look at the information page and version history.