Sans Digital Introduces Internal RAID and JBOD System For 2.5″ Laptop Hard

Santa Fe Springs, CA — February 15, 2008 — Sans Digital, a leading
provider of high performance storage subsystems, today introduced the
latest innovation of the 2 bay RAID and JBOD subsystem. With the same
physical sizes as a desktop 3.5″ hard drive, the InstaRAID IR12TB and
InstaSTOR IS12TB host two 2.5″ hard drives with RAID 1, RAID 0 and JBOD
support. This revolutionary design allows users to install these internal
modules to a 3.5″ hard drive slot on a desktop or storage enclosure, to
provide data protection in a tight space.

InstaRAID IR12TB and InstaSTOR IS12TB

InstaRAID IR12TB is constructed where it’s SATA and power connectors are
the same as that of a desktop 3.5″ hard drive. The IR12TB has a built-in
hardware RAID engine to support RAID 1 (mirroring) and RAID 0 (stripping)
allowing data redundancy or performance increase, while only occupying the
space of a single 3.5″ hard drive. By installing an IR12TB instead of a
3.5″ hard drive, a 1 bay storage unit, such as the Sans Digital MS1UT,
could easily be converted to a ‘2 bay’ system with RAID 1 function.
InstaSTOR IS12TB supports JBOD, or Just a Bunch of Disk, by providing
individual drive access. The IS12TB is designed with dedicated dual SATA
connectors to ensure performance stability and reliability. Both models
support Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and are designed with two
hot-swappable drive trays and status indicator LEDs. With the same size and
screw locations as the 3.5″ desktop hard or floppy drives, both models
allow seamless installation to a computer system or storage enclosure to
provide improved storage functions.

“Designing the IR12TB and IS12TB in 3.5″ a form factor allows seamless
space saving installation in today’s compacted computer systems,” stated
Grandy Chen, Sans Digital’s President. “Whether you need RAID protection or
simply the storage expansion to two hard drives in a small form factor
computer, the IR12TB and IS12TB make this possible.”

About Sans Digital

Sans Digital is a brand of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage
products. Sans digital offers hot-swappable JBOD and RAID products for
direct attached storage, network attached storage, and storage area
network. Sans Digital’s single unit towers are designed with mobility in
mind to be used in a personal and home environment, while its rackmounts
are widely popular in enterprise settings. Sans Digital is a storage
solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions across the

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