Latest release includes enhanced security mechanisms, high
scalability and sophisticated features for more user comfort

April 3, 2007 – With version 2.1 of K4 Web Editor, publishers,
agencies and companies can offer optimized and low-cost access to
select users without having to install and maintain software on
off-site client machines — users only need a Web browser and an
Internet connection. This allows for cost-effective and flexible
integration of staff members into the workflow. New navigation tools
in K4 Web Editor 2.1 offer the feeling of working with the real K4
application. Apart from being able to access an existing article in
the current layout, the user can now either create a completely new
article or create an article from a designed template. This new
functionality enables the user to report more flexibly and on time
from all over the world.

A further improvement is the simple query mode which allows users to
find articles without defining a query, simply by searching for file
name, issue, section or status. In addition, it is possible to create
specific queries with the advanced query mode, in order to accelerate
the search for the articles in use. Sophisticated security mechanisms
such as SSL also ensure necessary data protection.

“With the development of the new K4 Web Editor version, we
particularly made certain that the users can operate intuitively
within this Browser application,” says Niels Hufnagl, Product Manager
at SoftCare. “Thanks to the use of the most modern Web technologies
we can now offer the comfort and the operability of client
applications and at the same time fully benefit from the
administrative advantages of Web applications.”

Since end of March, K4 Web Editor version 2.1 is available in
combination with the powerful publishing system SoftCare K4 from K4
System Integrators worldwide. It can be used with K4 5.6 and 5.7
installations. Customers with valid maintenance agreements for K4 Web
Editor are eligible for a free upgrade. K4 supports Mac OS X and
Windows clients in mixed-platform environments. The server software
is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux.

About K4 Web Editor

Editors who report about current events while on the road,
freelancers that are only contributing from time to time, and
employees who do not have Adobe InCopy installed are getting a mighty
tool with the K4 Web Editor which enables them to write articles to
fit from any computer with a Web browser and an Internet connection.
K4 Web Editor renders a complete preview of the article and the
layout. For this, K4 Web Editor uses Adobe InDesign Server that
centrally calculates overset and renders previews. With enhanced
security mechanisms, high scalability and detailed functionalities,
the K4 Web Editor fits perfectly into the K4 environment. It offers
tools for loading missing fonts, offers font mapping whenever license
restrictions apply, and also keeps any objects in an article intact,
be it notes, tables or inline objects.

About SoftCare

SoftCare was founded in 1990 and is a leading developer of workflow
solutions for the publishing industry, helping magazine, newspaper
and book publishers work more efficiently. The integrated publishing
solution SoftCare K4 combines powerful working processes with
verifiable time and cost benefits for users and is now regarded as a
standard product within the industry. The SoftCare K2 workgroup
system provides an excellent base product for people entering the
world of professional publishing. The system is ideal for small
workgroups that want to combine creative know-how with economical
processes. Simple and secure use as well as flexibility and stability
are just some of the decisive benefits for the SoftCare K2 user.
SoftCare K4 has been successfully implemented at sites ranging from
10 to more than 1,000 users. Both solutions support Mac OS X and
Windows clients in mixed-platform environments, as well as all
current server platforms. SoftCare teams up with trained System
Integrators across the globe to ensure high-quality service and
support for the system on a local level. Additional information can
be found on our ( site.