Lithium can now monitor your Xserve (G5 & Intel Xeon), Xserve RAID,
Airport, Qlogic Fibre Channel Switch and Mac OS X Server — as well
as all the rest of your network and service infrastructure.

North Sydney, Australia–2nd April 2007–LithiumCorp has today
officially launched it’s new range of montoring plug-ins to provide
unparalleled hardware and software monitoring for Xserve (G5 and
Intel), Xserve RAID, Qlogic Fibre Channel Switches, Airport wireless
base stations (including the new 802.11n units) and Mac OS X Server.
These new plug-ins extend LithiumCorp’s network, server and appliance
monitoring suite — “Lithium” — to provide a depth of monitoring for
these specific products that is not found in any other third-party
application. Previously the domain of Apple’s own ‘monitoring’ tools,
Lithium now provides a real alternative for managers of Apple-centric
server and storage deployments that need a monitoring system that can
competently handle these specialized devices as well as providing
solid SNMP monitoring support for all the rest of their network

Lithium is a network monitoring system (NMS) designed for end-to-end
Apple and Mac OS X support. It’s feature set is comparable to Nagios,
Intermapper and other similar commercial open source applications.
What makes Lithium different and sets it apart from it’s competitors
is the use of stunning graphical interfaces and a depth of monitoring
that is simply unparalleled in it’s field. Whilst other products,
including Nagios, Cactii and Intermapper provide a limited degree of
monitoring for the Xserve and Xserve RAID products none come close to
the level of detail provided by Lithium. We have adopted the use of
Apple’s proprietary monitoring protocols, SNMP and the new IPMI
(Lights Out Management) standards to deliver a complete solution that
looks and performs the way you’d expect a Mac-based monitoring system

The new Xserve, Xserve RAID, Qlogic, Airport and Mac OS X Server
device modules for Lithium are available for purchase online and
range from $5US-$39US per device. For new customers who want to try
Lithium and also want to get a taste for how well it can monitor
these specialised devices, we have also launched a new “Lithium
Xsampler” product that comes with single-device licenses for each of
the new modules launched today for a 3 month period. The Xsampler
bundle is available for $29US through our online store

To co-incide with the release of the new Xserve, Xserve RAID, Qlogic,
Airport and Mac OS X device module monitoring plug-ins, LithiumCorp
has launched a revised Support site and a new-look Online Store. The
new Support site ( provides users with
a smooth and guided documentation experience to help them move from
getting started with Lithium to making it useful to their
organization and through to becoming an advanced user of the product.
Likewise, our new Online Store provides dedicated “New Customer” and
“Existing Customer” departments to help our customers, both
prospective and existing, to find the products they need to build the
network, server and appliance monitoring platform that suite their
needs exactly.

LithiumCorp’s mission is to build the network, server and appliance
monitoring software suite for the Mac platform. The release of these
new monitoring plug-ins is a major step forward in providing the Mac
server, storage and enterprise community with a solid alternative to
clunky, ugly and incomplete tools that used to be the only way to get
any sort of monitoring telemetry from the devices in their
infrastructure deployments. Our road map for 2007 includes a number
of features and exciting innovations that will continue us on this
trajectory. We look forward to shortly announcing TCP/UDP service and
protocol monitoring as well as giving our customers the flexibility
to quickly and easily create their own custom monitoring modules for



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