EonPath Increases Fault Tolerance and Performance, Ensures Storage
System Availability

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 12, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) — RAID storage
expert Infortrend today announced that it is adding multipathing
technology to its family of EonStor RAID storage subsystems. Called
EonPath, this multipathing software provides a dynamic fault-tolerant
technique that helps avoid downtime or data loss that can result from
a connection failure in a single-path configuration. EonPath makes it
possible to have more than one connection between the host and
storage devices so that in case of failure the host can access the
storage device via another path, thereby maintaining continuous
operation and data availability.

EonPath multipathing technology is comprised of two major functions
— failover protection and load balancing — to provide high
availability and improved performance.


RAID functionality protects stored data but does not increase the
reliability of data transmission between the storage devices and the
host. If an HBA, cable, or bus fails, the connected devices cannot be
accessed. EonPath supports failover redundancy between the host and
the EonStor array by enabling the host operating system to
transparently route I/Os over alternate data paths, so that disk
access will not be interrupted by hardware failures.

Load Balancing

Avoiding traffic bottlenecks is especially important in high workload
settings or any situation requiring consistent service levels. Load
balancing increases I/O performance by redistributing read/write
requests in order to maximize throughput between the host and storage
devices. With EonPath, the operating system is aware of multiple data
paths so it can reroute traffic to or from the storage devices to
paths with available bandwidth, thereby increasing throughput,
avoiding bottlenecks, and distributing the load equally.

“With EonPath multipathing functionality on our EonStor systems, IT
managers can ensure uninterrupted operation while maximizing the
efficiency and availability of their computing and storage
environments,” said Tony Chu, president of Infortrend Corporation.
“EonPath’s transparent failover mechanism and performance
improvements significantly increase available bandwidth while its
automatic adaptive load balancing maximizes throughput and prevents
data path bottlenecks.”

EonPath Highlights

— Path redundancy with automatic failover/failback for single or
clustered servers protects against hardware and path failures

— Load-balancing function monitors I/O traffic and dynamically
distributes it through multiple data paths for optimal transmission

— Optimizes use of I/O paths with Target Port Group Service technology (TPGS)

— Multi-platform support

— Windows 2003 Server x86, x64 platform; Microsoft MPIO certified

— Linux Red Hat AS v.3, EL v.4, Fedora v.5

— Solaris SPARC 9/10 platform

— Identifies connected devices and associates data paths (HBA ports)
with a RAID logical drive

EonPath Availability

This powerful multipathing solution began shipping at the end of
August 2006 on the current redundant controller ASIC266 models,
including the EonStor S12F-R1420, ES A24F-R2224, and ES FF-R2021-6
systems, and will be included on all models of the next generation
ASIC400 EonStor subsystems.

About Infortrend

Infortrend, the RAID storage expert, is a pioneer in cost-effective,
high performance networked storage. The company’s products include
EonStor storage systems and RAIDWatch software for virtually all
storage interfaces including SAS, SCSI, iSCSI, SATA and Fibre
Channel. For over a decade, Infortrend has provided reliable,
fault-tolerant technology to prominent OEMs, distributors, and
storage integrators worldwide. The company’s core competency includes
performance optimized RAID ASICs, feature-rich firmware, and
redundant, high availability RAID subsystems. Founded in 1993,
Infortrend is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Taiex), ticker
number 2495. For more information, visit www.infortrend.com.

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