Building websites just got easy . . . .
=2E . . for everyone on the planet!

Sheffield UK based, software Development company,=20
DutyCrew Ltd, have today (09 March 2007) launched=20
it’s revolutionary new web page manufacturing=20

The software enables users to build independent=20
standalone websites with incredible ease,=20
consistency and flexibility.

DutyCrew’s Biz King says, “We believe that this=20
patented software is the fastest tool available=20
with which to make or prototype websites. It is=20
fast, flexible, portable and can be exported to=20
different machines and operating systems with=20
incredible ease”.

He continues “Our licensing model also breaks the=20
mould, by combining flexibility and fairness with=20
a choice of either subscription to, or ownership=20
of, the software, whilst remaining under the=20
user’s control via our online account management=20

Available now for Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)
Windows and Linux variants in development.

Purchase Priced at =A326 +VAT (Single User version)=20
Subscription Priced at =A32/month +VAT (Single User=20

People wanting further information about the=20
software can contact the company on:

07738 929856 (Biz King — Technical – )