April 3, 2007 – refNum Software have released Nano 1.3, a major
update to their open source C++ framework for developing modern
high-performance Carbon applications.

Nano 1.3 includes substantial performance improvements, providing
automatic copy-on-write behaviour for CoreFoundation objects and
tuning performance-critical classes such as NBitVector.

This release also includes over 70 bug fixes and improvements, such
as a Mail-style “badge view”, polygon clipper, animated Dock tiles,
improved Unicode pattern matching, and functor-based timers.

A mailing list is now available for development discussion, with
daily source code snapshots available through Subversion.

Nano provides:

o A HIG-compliant application+document model
o C++ wrappers around every HIToolbox view
o Advanced features such as one-line-undo
o Built-in support for Software Update
o Improved Interface Builder experience

Built around the native Carbon framework, Nano allows developers to
create full-featured, 64-bit clean, Universal Binaries with minimal
effort using the industry-standard C++ language.

More information on Nano is available from the project home page:


Nano is distributed under the open source BSD licence, and can be
used in both commercial and open source projects.