7th December 2006 – TigaByte Software is pleased to announce
HyperNext Studio for both Macintosh and Windows developers. HyperNext
Studio is a cross-platform software creation system aimed at
beginners that builds applications/stacks for the Macintosh and
Windows platforms. There are versions of HyperNext Studio for
Macintosh OS X(Mactel, G3, G4 & G5), Macintosh 0S 9, and Windows XP.

HyperNext Studio is easy to use, comprising three complementary
applications: Creator, Developer and Player.-

(1) HyperNext Creator builds cross-platform applications and stacks,
and has just a design window, toolbar and mode switcher. Its three
modes of Design, Preview and Run make it easier for novice
programmers to get started.

(2) HyperNext Developer builds plugins/libraries for HyperNext
Creator and allows users to extend the functionality of Creator with
their own or 3rd party plugins.

(3) HyperNext Player is freeware and runs stacks created by HyperNext
Creator. Stacks are a good way to distribute software as they can be
quite small and yet still provide the full functionality of a
standalone application. There are versions HyperNext Player for
Macintosh OS X & OS 9 and Windows XP.

HyperNext Studio features:

* Visually based software creation system.
* Builds cross-platform for Macintosh and Windows.
* Creator builds cross-platform software.
* Developer builds plugins to expand Creator.
* Player runs Creator stacks.
* English-like programming language.
* Untyped language for faster development.
* HyperNext language has over 800 commands and functions.
* Graphic canvases support image manipulation.
* NotePlayer for MIDI music.
* Play movies, sounds and music.
* Large range of commands for text processing and maths.
* Easy networking for sending/receiving messages/data.
* RBscript for computationally intensive tasks.
* RBscript is a compiled version of REALbasic by REAL Software Inc.
* Can run AppleScripts on Macintosh platforms.
* Includes easy to use neural network technology.
* Can localise stacks/apps for languages like Japanese.
* HyperNext Creator is expandable via plugins.
* Develop plugins with HyperNext Developer.
* Distribute your software as stacks, applications or plugins.
* CDROM costs just $89 including airmail delivery.
* Each platform version builds for both Macintosh and Windows.

For more information, HyperNext Studio trial and Player downloads please visit