JAW software ships MPEG2Splitter for MacOS

GENOA, October 24, 2001

JAW software announced today the availability of MPEG2Splitter, a new
utility for MPEG-2 movies.

JAW MPEG2Splitter splits MPEG-2 files in smaller user-defined segments,
manually or automatically, from any size source (even over the usual 2Gb
This is useful when you need to re-encode video using programs unable to
manage files bigger than 2Gb, or just to split encoding tasks.

User interface is in typical Mac style, user friendly; help is available
via balloon help and with the embedded manual.

– PPC processor
– MacOS 9.x
– 3Mb available memory

You can download it from the JAW software web site:


The software is available for free download, and has a trial period of 15
days. It can be registered for 15$ (volume discounts available).

JAW software develops consumer software for Mac OS and OS X and custom
business software, using C, C++ and REALbasic.