WESTMINSTER, MD (December 7, 2006) – Black Cat Systems announces the
release of DX Toolbox version 2.7.3, a radio propagation / conditions
analysis and forecasting tool for amateur radio operators, shortwave
listeners, and other radio enthusiasts.

This version includes updates to correctly display GOES satellite
Solar Flux data, required due to a change in how the data is made
available by the Space Environment Center.

DX Toolbox sells for $24.99. Complete information about DX Toolbox as
well as downloads may be obtained from

DX Toolbox helps amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners
estimate radio propagation conditions. Several propagation
forecasting charts are available to estimate signal levels and path
conditions between any two points on the Earth.

A propagation forecast map shows the estimated signal level for a
given frequency from all parts of the world, for given solar
conditions, and the time of day and day of year. A plot of the
expected signal levels between two points on the Earth for all 24
hours of a day may also be graphed.

A grayline map of the world is also available. Propagation between
locations within the grayline region of the world is often greatly
enhanced. DX Toolbox’s grayline map makes it easy for you to
determine where those locations are.

In addition to several propagation forecasting tools, it also gathers
a variety of solar and geomagnetic information from real-time online
sources, and presents them in charts and tables, including:

* A – Index
* K – Index
* Solar Flux
* Sun Spot Number
* X-Ray Flux levels
* X-Ray flares
* Solar Wind
* Geomagnetic Field
* Proton and Electron Flux
* Radio Blackout conditions
* Geomagnetic Storm conditions
* Solar Radiation Storm conditions

A grid square calculator determines grid squares from longitude and
latitude, and a world map shows grid squares and time zone

The following reports are available:

* WWV Geophysical Alert
* 27 Day Space Outlook
* 45 Day AP Forecast
* Geomagnetic Data
* Daily Geomagnetic Data
* Daily Particle Data
* Daily Solar Data
* Daily Magnetometer Analysis Reports
* Hourly Magnetometer Analysis Reports
* Predicted Sunspot Numbers and Radio Flux
* Report of Solar-Geophysical Activity
* Solar and Geophysical Activity Summary
* Solar Region Summary
* Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
* Current Space Weather Indices
* Space Weather Event Reports
* Daily Space Weather Indices
* Summary of Space Weather Observations
* 3-day Space Weather Predictions
* SEC Space Weather Alerts

Audio alerts can be generated when the K index, Solar X-Ray Flux, or
Earth’s Magnetic Field exceed user-set values.

DX Toolbox can also log on to your favorite DX Cluster, and let you
see and report DX catches in real time.

DX Toolbox is available native for Mac OS X, Mac OS 8/9, and Windows.
It requires an active internet connection to run.

Black Cat Systems creates and distributes Macintosh software, with a
specific emphasis on programs for the scientific, amateur radio, and
health markets.

Information about Black Cat Systems entire line of products can be
found at http://www.blackcatsystems.com