Faster text editing, AI import and more

2006-11-09: The free update iCalamus 1.03 is now available and
offers a lot of new and enhanced features. The Desktop Publishing
(DTP) program can be used ‘lightly as a feather’ and offers newbies
and pros in Desktop Publishing all kinds of freedom to publish their

Now you can also import AI files, edit text much faster, use
typographical ligatures and many other functions much more easily or
better. We have again implemented many user feature requests to give
you an even more intuitive iCalamus.

Find the detailed list of changes here:

Get your hands on the current version iCalamus 1.03:

Price increase in 2007
Until the end of 2006, iCalamus will still cost only 99 EUR. In 2007,
we will increase its price to 129 EUR. Believe it or not — we’re not
mainly doing this because of the VAT increase in Germany (from 16 to
19%), but this reflects the opinion of many iCalamus users who have
pointed out that we underprice iCalamus. And of course we listen to
our customers.

Until the end of 2006, iCalamus costs only 99 EUR. Get it right now:

Mac OS X Universal BuildiCalamus is a pure Mac OS X application and
requires Tiger 10.4.5 or later. (It’s not a ported version of our
famous Publisher Calamus SL!)

iCalamus is available as Universal Binary in single language builds
or as a multi-language bundle (English, German, French, Danish, Dutch
and Czech) and ships on CD or via download. The detailed online help
can be read also at