TopXNotes 1.2 Released:

Tropical Software, Inc. ( of Atlantic Beach, Florida,
has released the latest version of TopXNotes, our modern note pad for
Mac OS X loaded with handy features.

—– What is TopXNotes? ——


MuitlView- View as notes many as will fit on your display

Sliding toolbar keeps text buttons always over where you type

NoteOrganizer- An advanced table of contents with category and group

Preferences- Tune TopXNotes just the way you like it

QuickNotes Menu- Instant access to your key notes

Automatic data file backups

Unlimited Undo

Automatic note backup options


* Color text, style, font and font size, all user -selectable, all
saved, full drag & drop, all cut/copy/paste,

* Cut / copy / paste and drag and drop to and from external applications

* Fonts menu with last used fonts conveniently at the top of the menu

* Recognize links (ftp, web & email) and launch from them by a single click

* NoteOrganizer is an advanced table of contents (TOC) as separate
window. Each note (page) can be identified by its number, full title,
and organized by groups and you specify.

* Minimum 50 pages, theoretically unlimited

* Page turning arrows

* Optional automatic save on page turn or save on a time interval

* Customize with many user Preferences

* Optional basic encryption

* Export as either straight text or RTF

* Template pages for easily creating new kinds of notes

* A set of 10 templates installed as part of this release including
Web Accounts, Financial Accounts, and Serial Numbers and various
other lists.

* Provided a unique note pad for each system user

TopXNotes requires a PPC Macintosh computer running Mac OS 10.2 or
higher. TopXNotes requires very little disk space (usually under 20
Mb. depending on the amount of notes stored). TopXNotes currently
requires 20 Mb. of RAM.

TopXNotes retails for $25.00.

For further information, please visit us at


New import and export options

Optional date and time columns in the NoteOrganizer

Preferences control NoteOrganizer columns

More Category icon choices

New improved Note and View button icons

Added cmd+M to minimize

Note number now reflects note and total number notes (Example: note 1 of 11)

Major help updates


NoteOrganizer bugs

NoteOrganizer cosmetic issues

Changed truncation of file names in organizer and categories dialog
from middle to end

Disabled delete button in categories dialog when nothing selected

Made font in organizer title match that in column headers

Changed open hand cursor on links to pointy finger

Disabled Open menu when minimized

Disabled New Note /Template when Edit categories dialog is selected

Moved Find dialog to upper left corner on open

Made Edit Categories dialog resizable

Changed NoteOrganizer to snap closed when reduced below min size

Made auto-save default