Griffin releases gPort OS X Software version 1.2 plus PowerMate SDK for

New driver brings Jaguar compatibility to complete line of serial port
adapters including g4Port, CubePort and the original gPort.

Nashville, TN – August 16, 2002. Griffin Technology, Inc. has released OS
X Software version 1.2 for its entire line of gPort Serial Adapters,
including the popular g4Port. Just in time for the international release
of Apple’s newest operation system OS 10.2, this release brings complete
compatibility to the new OS and further enhances performance and
stability of all gPort devices.

Griffin’s gPort Serial Adapters adds an internal “board level” serial
port to Apple PowerMacs, Cubes and CRT iMacs. This allows users continued
access to their favorite serial port devices such as modems, printers,
etc. The gPort OS X Software version 1.2 is a complete rewrite of the
driver that provides improved stability and works more reliably when
upgrading the OS.

The release of gPort Software version 1.2 for Jaguar continues Griffin’s
tradition of enabling users to advance to the latest computers and OS
releases, while retaining compatibility with their legacy serial port
devices. “Now, with our gPort Adapters, serial port users won’t have to
remain stuck using an out-of-date OS or slower hardware just to retain
their significant investment in their vital serial hardware devices. We
give control back to our users, instead of their hardware controlling
them”, says Andrew Green, VP Marketing.

Also released today are two PowerMate SDKs for developers on Macintosh OS
X and Wintel platforms. The two SDKs provide a complete set of
instructions on how to access the PowerMate hardware, including capturing
the data being sent from the device and setting the brightness of the
LED. This enables programmers to easily invent and implement completely
new and unique applications for the PowerMate.

gPort OS X Software version 1.2 is free and available immediately for
download at

Both PowerMate Software Developer Kits (SDKs) are available immediately.
All interested developers may contact Griffin Technology by email at and request one or both of the PowerMate

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