Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Daniel Cronin has announced Digital Painting 1.0, a Photoshop tutorial for the iPad. The US$2.99 app provides 15 tutorials for using Photoshop version CS3 and newer. It offers a look at how to accomplish various effects and techniques with your digital art. Each topic sports step-by-step instructions and illustrated images of menu bar options for how-to’s.

Apps2Be has released Free Music Downloader Plus Lite 1.0 for iOS. It’s a free app developed specifically to download free music, audio books and music videos from a variety of free sites. Free Music Downloader can run in background mode and video player to watch music videos. The application also has a web browser and download manager supporting up to 10 simultaneous downloads.

Big Blue Bubble has unveiled a sequel to their hit iPhone game Burn the Rope. In the Burn the Rope: Worlds ($0.99), the goal is to burn as much rope as possible without letting the flames burn out. Flames only burn upwards and your device must be rotated in order to keep the flames going. Bugs crawling along the rope can help or hinder success as players try to solve each puzzle.

PS Ventures has introduced Easy Gym Log for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The free app allows gym users to log weights lifted and distances run or cycled so that they know what to aim for on their next visit.

Orbicule has published Fluff, an engaging children’s story that has been designed from the ground up for the iPad, though it also works on the iPod and iPhone. The $4.99 tells the tale of a little kitten who explores the beautiful but sometimes dangerous outside world. The story can either be told in auto-play mode, automatically reading and turning the pages, or without narration, so children can look at the illustrations at their own pace.

Apps2Be has rolled out iDownloader Pro Free 1.0, a free version of their universal downloader app for their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It can download anything from the web to your iDevice and then view/play/sort the downloaded files or transfer them to your computer. The free version of the application has the same list of the features; however, it’s limited to store up to seven files only and can’t export photos/videos to Photoroll.

KenigArt has cooked up Photo ArtStudio Pro for iPad 2 1.0, a $5.99 camera application with offers effects for creating artwork. The app features a live preview, showing filters and frames right on your image.

Matthew Norris Distribution has unleashed Kill The Faces 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the $0.99 app, you enter a universe where Emoticons are real and out for vengeance. Kill The Faces is a space shooter in which the Emoticons strike back. Your task is to “Kill The Faces” and bring safe emoticon free sanity back to the universe. Kill The Faces offers unlimited levels, in-app upgrades and an infinite space model.

MMM Unlimited has created Vision Board: Burning Desires 1.0, a visualization goal setting tool for iOS devices. The $0.99 app combines the “incredible powers of the Law of Attraction, Visualization, Feng Shui, Gratitude and Action.” You can add pictures, words, quotes and affirmations to nine different life-goal categories, create a customized slideshow movie presentation and more.

Tanu Kush is offering Color Tower Lite 1.0, a free version of his puzzle game Color Tower. It’s a casual block building puzzle game that checks your speed, accuracy and strategy all. Color Tower Lite comes with three levels that aren’t available in the full version of the app. It’s an universal app which works on all iOS devices and has Game Center support.

Technical Made Easy has developed You Can Do It — Interactive Learning 1.0 for the iPad. The $2.99 app was designed specifically to assist toddlers or people with disabilities who need to learn the basics. The app is for learning numbers, letters, colors and shapes.

InfinityK has served up PhotoPieces 1.0, a free recreational photography app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It lets users take photos and incorporate them into eclectic collages or designs instantly. Picture makers are free to share their newly minted art with friends instantly via Flickr.

A trio of graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center have released their first iPhone game, Aww, Eggplant!? In the $0.99 app, players score points by skewering screaming vegetables as they arc across their iPhone screen, earning rewards for consecutive skewers and stabbing multiple vegetables in one shot. However, among the good veggies are eggplants, which can take a healthy bite out of the player’s score.

Ulrike Kerber of Viva Design and 1K Studios have released VivaKids’ ABC, a $2.99 app that gives kids a way to learn the alphabet on the iPad. It brings each letter to life with its stop motion animation. Not only do the videos present the alphabet in an engaging way, they focus on phonics.