WOODLAND HILLS, CA – Sophisticated source=20
switching with multiple display support and plug=20
and play capabilities makes Gefen’s new 4×4 HDMI=20
Matrix a valuable asset to any comprehensive=20
audio/video system.

Designed to offer an easy method of connecting=20
four high definition sources to four high=20
definition displays, Gefen’s 4×4 HDMI Matrix=20
allows any source to be viewed on any display,=20
with all eight devices operating simultaneously.

The rack mountable unit comes in a black=20
enclosure, it’s backside lined with four HDMI=20
inputs, four HDMI outputs and an RS-232=20
interface. Matrix switching is controlled by IR=20
remote or RS-232 serial communications systems.

Most recently, Lion Audio Video Consultants, in=20
conjunction with Datacolor, used the Gefen 4×4=20
HDMI Switcher in their education and=20
certification sessions at the 2006 CEDIA Expo in=20
Denver, Colorado.

The two-day class, “Hands-On Calibration=20
Training,” included essential theories behind the=20
creation of the calibrated image. Hands-on=20
training included a variety of display=20
technologies, and also allowed attendees to=20
obtain ISF (www.imagingscience.com) Certification.

The Gefen 4×4 HDMI Matrix enabled effortless=20
switching between multiple sources, allowing=20
on-screen comparisons, vibrant high definition=20
imagery and robust digital audio delivery.

“The class room was 1280 square feet and we=20
definitely needed an HDMI switching device to=20
accomplish our audio/visual goals,” said Gregg=20
Loewen, president, Lion AV Consulting. “Gefen’s=20
new 4×4 Matrix was absolutely ideal for our needs=20
and performed like a pro, right out of the box.”

Moving forward, Lion AV Consulting will be taking=20
Gefen’s 4×4 HDMI Matrix on the road, where=20
they=92ll be teaching ISF classes at various=20
locations throughout the country including EH=20
Expos, InfoComm and CES.

The Gefen 4×4 HDMI Matrix provides a simple and=20
ideal solution for studios, entertainment venues,=20
theaters, conference centers, educational=20
facilities and any environment that sends=20
multiple HDMI sources to multiple HDMI displays=20
or projectors.

Additional information on Gefen’s 4×4 HDMI Matrix=20
is available at www.Gefen.com. Information on=20
Lion Audio Video Consultants=92 educational=20
offerings is available at www.LionAV.com.