Dynamic Community and Client Application Provide an Ideal Solution
for Mac Users to Update, Maintain and Manage Software

Portland, Ore. — September 25, 2006 — TechTracker today announced
the release of VersionTracker Pro 4.2 for Macintosh. Users not only
need to keep their software up to date, they need assurance that
updates are not going to harm their systems. For years VersionTracker
Pro has streamlined the update process for the Mac community by
providing a central database of updates coupled with peer feedback
ensuring users can get the right update everytime. VersionTracker Pro
4.2 takes the solution to the next level bringing updates and
community feedback to the desktop in a quicker and more streamlined
manner than ever before.

Features in this new release were chosen based on customer feedback
gathered through an extensive survey of VersionTracker Pro users. New
feature highlights in VersionTracker Pro 4.2 include:

* Filter updates by operating system: Allows filtering by OS
compatibility on a dot level (i.e. OS X 10.4.3 or 10.4.5) giving user
complete control over information presented

* Scanning of Unix volumes: Scans applications for every OS X file
type or format the system supports including support for UNIX

* Enhanced Support for External Drives and Partitions: Includes new
algorithms for more accurate application lists and matching, as well
as complete user control over what devices are scanned

* Universal Application: Runs natively on both Power PC and
Intel-based Macintosh computers

The convenience of VersionTracker Pro is rooted in the desktop
application. It scans local, external, and networked drives and maps
all of the existing applications and updates, making sure users are
kept up to date and secure automatically through customized alerts
based on their installed applications. VersionTracker Pro checks the
user’s software inventory against the community-driven database on
VersionTracker.com. This database is updated regularly with developer
submissions and comments from the ever-growing VersionTracker
community, enabling Mac professionals to make informed decisions
based on other community members’ experiences.

“VersionTracker Pro 4.2 redefines how professionals keep software
current,” said Diana Smedley, Senior Product Manager, TechTracker.
“Our development team focused on what the VersionTracker Pro userbase
— IT Managers, Mac enthusiasts and software aficionados — told us
to focus on: updating the application to take further advantage of
the OS X Tiger environment, tune the performance, and resolve bugs
that had slowed them down in their pursuit of the right information
available on software releases, customized for their environment and
application base. Consequently, this release delivers an optimized,
more robust, Universal application that addresses user requests and
delivers a better user experience. It is the fastest way to keep
software up-to-date–making it an everyday, everybody activity.”

VersionTracker Pro is targeted at individuals and organizations
across all industries. VersionTracker Pro decision-makers are those
who care about, or are responsible for keeping software up-to-date
and secure. Some groups that use VersionTracker heavily are
consultants and independent contractors who update and maintain
systems for organizations that do not have the budget for an in-house
IT department. Developers and design professionals who work as
outsourced experts, or as members of in-house design teams, also use
VersionTracker Pro to make informed decisions about software updates
for themselves as well as their clients..

Pricing and Availability
VersionTracker Mac 4.2 Pro is available for immediately download from
www.versiontracker.com. Pricing is $49.95 for a three-license
version, $79.95 for a ten-license cross-platform version, and $59.95
for a three-license VersionTracker Pro/MacFixIt bundle.

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