New York, N.Y – April 1, 2004 – In response to the growing need for email
storage space, Spymac Networks Inc. announced today a capacity increase for
all of its free member Mail accounts. One gigabyte of storage will be
available to all registered Spymac Mail accounts, effective Monday April 5,
2004. Spymac Networks Inc. is one of the largest International Macintosh
community web ventures, and a free account is available to anyone over the
age of 13.

It may be April Fool’s Day, but email is never a joke. Millions of people
rely on easy access to mail and depend on their email service to not
indiscriminately delete important mail. Spymac Mail offers several
advantages over other free Internet-based email. In addition to the
one-gigabyte storage increase, Spymac Mail also offers both POP3 and
Webmail access to the email accounts. Web-based mail works in all browsers
that support JavaScript and cookies. The web-based mail comes with banner
advertising and 100 MB of web site hosting space, but a mere $20 (US) a
year removes the advertising. Presently Spymac’s rapidly expanding free
mail service supports almost 50,000 distinct email accounts. For those
wondering why on earth they would need one gigabyte for POP3 mail, don’t
despair; because IMAP mail capabilities are under development and will be
available very soon.

Ilene Hoffman, Spymac Editor and PR contact, and a former AOL user, notes
that it was a problem when her AOL mailbox was cleaned of old mail. “Due to
unsolicited mail (Spam), real mail disappeared daily, including some I’d
never seen. It was frustrating,” Ilene notes. Barry Porter, Manager of
Information Systems at Gerber Electronics, formerly in MA, says: “With the
increased dependence people have on reliable email, having enough space on
an email server is becoming a necessity, not just a convenience.”

Spymac welcomes email accounts from users 13 years old and up on any
operating system. The Spymac Hosting servers are located in D=FCsseldorf,
Germany, in a secure, Suntone Certified facility that utilizes biometrics,
CCTV, key-cards, mantraps and 24×7 on-site-security guards. Redundancy is
built into Spymac’s server cluster, allowing for fast, reliable services
with virtually no down time.

“While it may be the case that Gmail from Google is an April Fool’s Day
hoax, we agree with the staff at Google, that an increase in email storage
to one Gigabyte makes sense. We already have the infrastructure in place,
so we can launch the expanded service within a few days,” said Kevin April,
Co-Founder of Spymac.

About Spymac Networks Inc.
Spymac Network Inc. (Spymac), a New York City based corporation,
established in February 2003, is an Internet-based International Macintosh
community web site. The site runs on Spymac 3, an internally developed
software platform. The site includes message boards, email, web hosting,
online auctions, a graphics gallery, a music gallery, and custom designed
products, such as backpacks and briefcases. Users can also host their own
blogs, iCals, and focused-message boards. Spymac is the largest Online
Macintosh User Group and is developing under the belief that community is
the Internet’s most valuable resource.

For additional information on Spymac mail and services, please visit: