JULY 15 02 — ArcaneWare, a newly founded software company, releases its
first professional development tool for Mac OS X, for easily writing,
editing, and running Perl scripts, ArcanePerl.

ArcanePerl is an application to write, edit, and run Unix Perl scripts with
ease. Use the insert menu and save typing and headaches. Insert various
Perl syntax such as print, file input/output, if blocks, subroutines,
split, replace, math, and others. Run your Perl scripts for output and
error-checking. For the professional who develops large projects in Perl,
open and save all your scripts as an ArcanePerl document. All of this comes
for a low shareware fee of $9.95. Most other Perl scripting programs for OS
X are lower in quality and cost three times more. This makes ArcanePerl
best of a choice.

ArcanePerl’s output is just as of any regular Unix web server, so run your
Perl scripting project, and as you are sure they are error-free, upload
them to a Unix web server and let everyone use your professional Perl web
application. There is simply no better solution for Perl scripting on Mac

ArcanePerl 1.0 is compatible with Mac OS X only. You can try it for free at

ArcanePerl is shareware. Version 1.0 may be purchased for only $9.95. After
registering, the “Please Register!” dialog no longer appears and you can
get to your work as soon as the application starts up. You can securely
purchase your registration code from


Other ArcaneWare products include SerialStorage and Auction Ease. Visit us
and try them, too, at