TILBURG, THE NETHERLANDS – SEPTEMBER 25, 2006 – Startup R Green Blue
today announced the availability of FileBrowse 1.0, a unique
file/media browser for Mac OS X.


FileBrowse has many interesting features that the Finder is lacking, such as:

– Thumbnails for most common file types, such as images, movies,
songs, PDF/RTF/Word documents, and even web pages. Finding a file by
visual content has never been easier.

– Beautiful 3D icons/thumbnails, rendered in real-time using OpenGL,
with lifelike, soft shadows and perfect anti-aliasing (no jagged

– Folder icons that show miniature icons/thumbnails of the items
inside, so you don’t always have to open a folder to see its
contents. – Large previews for most common file types, shown
in-context (between the icons). This is much faster than having to
open a file in a separate application.

– Powerful grouping and sorting, by kind, date, color label, artist,
album, camera, and many other attributes. Groups can be easily
“collapsed”/stacked and in many cases can replace folders.

FileBrowse looks beautiful, is very easy to use and can seriously
improve productivity. Version 1.0 costs just $25 and is available as
a fully-functional 30-day trial download. It’s a Universal
application that requires OS X 10.4.0 or later.


R Green Blue is a software design & development startup from The Netherlands.