27 March, 1997 — Symmetry Software today announced a new website designed
to help Macintosh users keep track of the latest versions of software. The
Version Master website currently lists more than 25,500 product titles from
over 40 countries, making it the most comprehensive list of Macintosh
software anywhere on the internet. Visitors to this site are invited to
search the huge database to find the latest version of software on their
Macs. Once a software version is located, users may simply click on the
download site to be transferred to the software’s website.

The Version Master database keeps track of 680xx, PowerPC and FAT versions
of software. It also tracks beta versions of software independently from
release versions of the same software. Software is also categorized by
“country code” so localized versions may be identified.

The Version Master website is located at:


The Version Master website now joins the Version Master application as the
leading tools for monitoring software versions and updates for the
Macintosh. The Version Master application is the premier version tracking
utility on the internet. Version Master lists all the software on a
computer and displays the user’s version. After connecting to the Version
Master database via the internet, the manufacturer’s current version and
website location are displayed. Out-of-date software is automatically
highlighted. As an added bonus, users of the Version Master application
may indicate that they would like to receive e-mail notification whenever a
newer version of some specific software becomes available.

Version 1.1.1 of the Version Master application is available in seven
languages: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Slovak.

Free copies of the Version Master application may be downloaded from:


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