Deep Freeze Mac Heats Up with ThawSpace

SAN RAMON, CA, May 11, 2006 — Faronics announces the release and immediate
availability of Deep Freeze Mac 3.0. Deep Freeze instantly protects and
preserves original computer configurations, eliminating routine
maintenance, while allowing complete unrestricted access to the computer.
Regardless of the changes made to a workstation, a simple restart resets
the computer to its original state. Deep Freeze Mac has received extremely
positive feedback from users and reviewers, earning a 4.5 mice rating in
the June 2006 issue of Macworld magazine.

Deep Freeze Mac 3.0 now offers “ThawSpace” capability, allowing users to
save documents and retain changes persistently across restarts.
Administrators can create a personal ThawSpace for each user or a shared
Global ThawSpace accessible to all users, adding more flexibility when
saving data. “Our Deep Freeze Windows users love ThawSpace and it was the
number one most requested addition to Deep Freeze Mac,” said Brent
Smithurst, Vice President of Technical Operations at Faronics. “We think
our users will be extremely happy with our development team because they
have taken the ThawSpace concept to an entirely new level.”

Scheduled maintenance is another major new feature; administrators can
configure a maintenance period for Deep Freeze to automatically perform
Apple Software Updates. Deep Freeze users can now enjoy all the benefits of
a Frozen Mac OS X system while saving data locally and keeping current with
Apple Software Updates.

All options in Deep Freeze Mac can be pre-configured to create customized
Deep Freeze installation packages. These packages can be deployed and
managed via Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) 2 or 3, providing bulletproof
protection and enterprise-level control for multiple Mac environments.

Deep Freeze Mac is a universal binary for Intel- or PPC-based Macs. A
60-day, fully functional evaluation version can be downloaded free of
charge at

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