Palm on Wednesday announced three new handhelds — the Tungsten T3, the Tungsten E and the Zire 21. The Tungsten T3 (US$399) is Palm’s first device that supports a high-resolution color screen in landscape, as well as the typical portrait mode. It features a 320×480 TFT display, a 400Mhz Intel XScale processor, 64MB of RAM, built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and comes preloaded with several business and multimedia applications. The Tungsten E ($199) handheld sports a 320×320 color display, a 126MHz ARM processor, 32MB of RAM, and comes with updated multimedia software. The Zire 21 ($99) is targeted at consumers and offers more software, a faster processor (126MHz) and four times greater memory (8MB) than the original Zire handheld. All three handhelds are available now.