Over the course of the past week, MacDesktops has posted 14 new desktop pictures, including: Born to be worn (Apple – iPod), Port of Olympia at Sunset (Landscapes – Water), and Spooon (Animation). Mandolux has issued three new desktops: Sinkbubbles (Abstract/Awesome), Nogales (Nature/B&W) and Mei & Satsuki (Nature/Movie), while InterfaceLIFT has posted eight new desktops for Apple Cinema Displays and three icon sets including: Posties, Pearl Buttons, and BitTorrent. The Fast Icon Studio has released a new icon collection for Web designers and software developers — Database UnderWater, developed in Aqua style that follows all of Apple’s specifications, with 60 icons for toolbars and navigational elements that extends the UnderWater collection, and MacMonkies are offering three new desktops and three new icon sets. And to wrap it up this week, ThinkMac Software have released another batch of icons to the ThinkMac Icon Store –- bringing the total available to nearly 230.