Extensis, a division of Celartem, is sponsoring a font management lunch presentation in major cities across the country during the MOGO Media Dreamweaver and InDesign Seminar Tours held through the rest of 2010.
The lunch presentation is open to seminar attendees who will see the latest in Extensis’ font management technology. Dreamweaver seminar attendees will be able to preview WebINK, the new web font service from Extensis.  InDesign seminar attendees will see how effective font management can help achieve brand consistency for print or the web.
The MOGO Media Dreamweaver and InDesign seminars are one-day training conferences for creative professionals working with Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver. You can view the entire 2010 MOGO Media seminar schedule and register for an event at http://www.mogo-media.com .