You don’t need no stinking QWERTY!
Heralding the Death of QWERTY, FrogPad accesses HID drivers
=46or the Bluetooth Enabled One-Handed Keyboard

Pushing for New Global Standard in Data Entry, Company Showcases New
Keyboard for UMPCs, Nokia 770, Symbian Smartphones, and desktops.

Houston, Texas-May 9, 2006, FrogPad Inc. ( ), maker of the
revolutionary portable one-handed keyboard, FrogPad uses Bluetooth HID
drivers for the One-Handed FrogPad, and announces the seamless integration
of FrogPad Bluetooth keyboard with Bluetooth enabled UMPCs, Nokia 770
Internet Tablet ( and Symbian Smartphones
( Dubbed the iFrog, the new keyboard incorporates
=46rogPad’s patented ergonomic layout designed around the 15 most-used
letters in the English alphabet with the latest wireless Bluetooth
technology, and accomplishes 100% of all functions of a QWERTY keyboard.
=46rogPad is the premier keyboard that will make these products successful.

Pioneering a new global standard for data entry, the FrogPad keyboard
breaks the century-old QWERTY code. Unlike QWERTY, whose design was derived
from the limitations of 19th Century typewriter technology, the FrogPad
offers a patented logical algorithm and design that encourages correct
ergonomic posture. Additionally, given its use of full-size keys, the
=46rogPad offers users of mobile computing devices an superior alternative t=
the script-based, mini thumb keyboard platforms or folding keyboards
currently available. The FrogPad offers users a consistent interface across
desktop and mobile environments, no more re-learning a new data input
method every time you upgrade a device. After an average of 10-12 hours of
training and practice, most FrogPad users can achieve input rates of up to
30-40 words per minute, as compared to the average of 10-20 words per
minute by the fastest thumb typists. And FrogPad can be adapted for
wearable computing with Velcro straps.

=46rogPad to Mac, PC, Tablet users: Cut Your Cables and Hop Onboard Measurin=
just 3″ x 5″, the iFrog is the only fully functional and portable keyboard
with low profile, full-sized keys for fast, easy and accessible data entry.
Created with designers, educators, students, mobile professionals and the
physically challenged in mind, the Bluetooth iFrog gives mobile road
warriors a viable alternative to the sub-optimal design of the QWERTY
keyboard. For example, designers using CAD (computer-aided design)
applications can now keep one hand on a mouse at all times and freely input
data via the iFrog with the other hand.

“Enterprise and mobile road warriors have always been on the leading edge
of adopting new tools that change the way people interact with
technology-the iFrog fits that bill,” said Linda Marroquin, Founder,
President and CEO, FrogPad=CD, Inc. “As FrogPad becomes the new global
standard for wireless data input, combining it with the Bluetooth wireless
standard is a natural development. Therefore, we demand to know why more
mobile products do not have Bluetooth HID as a standard integrated driver!”

The space-saving iFrog offers users mobility and portability in numerous
commercial and industrial applications. With a built-in rechargeable
battery, the iFrog can be charged either through a wall adapter plug or
through a standard USB port. The iFrog is available for immediate purchase.

Bluetooth and FrogPad: New Standards Set to Take Off for 2006. Since
October 2003, FrogPad and Gennum Corporation have been jointly developing
Bluetooth products that utilize the GENBlue Module. Powered by Cambridge
Silicon Radio’s single chip technology, the module features full Bluetooth
functionality and compatibility with Bluetooth enabled devices.

The iFrog fully supports the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID)
profile, unlike many products that use the spam prone Serial Port (SPP)
profile. Any platform that supports the HID profile (Macintosh OS X, Linux,
Symbian Smartphones, most Windows Bluetooth adapters, Windows Mobile 5.0)
“just works” out of the box with the iFrog with no drivers to load. FrogPad
is also developing HID compliant drivers with strategic partner, CC2GO, for
those platforms that do not include HID support built in.

“As we look for ways to help unwire people with our Bluetooth solutions,
we’re very excited by the fast deployment of the GENBlue module on the
iFrog,” said Gora Ganguli, vice president and general manager, Gennum
Corporation. “Having only worked with FrogPad for a relatively short period
of time, we’re extremely impressed by how quickly we’ve moved from
partnership agreement to production. Today’s announcement is a terrific
step for Bluetooth and FrogPad, and we look forward to working with FrogPad
to develop new and innovative wireless solutions that enhance the lives of
our users.”

About FrogPad=CD Inc.

=46rogPad, Inc. ( is an innovator of data entry methods for
mobile computing and communication. A new standard for data entry,
=46rogPad’s flagship product is a practical single-handed text/numeric 20 ke=
keyboard that uses a patented simultaneous key-function change technology
and ergonomic optimization. Ideal for the mobile professional, FrogPad’s
unique design provides all of the functionality of a full sized keyboard in
a fraction of the space. FrogPad’s data entry algorithm was originally
conceived in 1994, with patents for the unique design issued in 1998, 1999,
2001, 2005. The first production model of the FrogPad was designed by
highly acclaimed industrial design firm IDEO. Founded in 1998, FrogPad is a
privately held company based in Houston, Texas, and is delivering its
products through global partners.