SqueezePlay Web Server Data Compression – Now Supports
Windows Server 2003 Family of Servers; Automatically
Compresses Adobe PDF (Acrobat) Files

HOLLIS, NH July 25, 2003 — Inner Media announces a major
update to its SqueezePlay(R) version 2.0 real-time Web
Compression software for Microsoft IIS (Internet Information
Server). SqueezePlay is an add-on product that
automatically reduces the size of outgoing data from web
servers. Through a combination of intelligent compression
and caching, SqueezePlay dramatically improves server
bandwidth utilization, with the dual benefit of speeding up
transfers and allowing more visitors quicker access to
hosted web pages and data.

SqueezePlay now fully supports the Microsoft Windows Server
2003 family of servers running IIS 6.0, which enforce strict
security and installation policies. During SqueezePlay
installation, security and metabase settings required by IIS
6.0 are automatically handled, helping administrators avoid
tedious manual installation procedures. SqueezePlay’s new
install process also allows administrators to deploy the
SqueezePlay control and monitoring interfaces on any IIS
website running on the server — further enhancing its
security and versatility. SqueezePlay remains fully
compatible with IIS running under previous Windows Server
operating systems ranging from Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a) through
Windows 2000 Servers.

Also new with version 2.0 is the ability to automatically
compress Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) files, a popular document
format. According to Glen Horton, Inner Media’s director of
Engineering, “PDF files are found all over the web; they are
used because they retain page-layout accuracy and are
compatible with all operating systems. SqueezePlay
automatically compresses PDF files on the way out of the
server, with the result that the ‘footprint’ of the
documents (measured in bytes) is greatly reduced. It’s a
win-win situation, as there is no loss in quality.”

This update of SqueezePlay includes enhanced memory
management and processing algorithms to increase
SqueezePlay’s performance with large data files.
Administrators are discovering file sizes can quickly grow
to more than 100 megabytes in cases where XML-based database
synchronizations are generated on the server. These large
XML files often compress by a factor of 10 to 1, greatly
reducing delivery time.

SqueezePlay is licensed on a per-server basis, with
multi-pack license discounts available. The base product
(one server) has a suggested retail price of $995 US.

Inner Media, a privately held software publisher in business
since 1985, is the manufacturer of DynaZip, the world’s
leading data compression toolkits. DynaZip’s compression
engine is running inside every copy of Microsoft’s Windows
XP operating system and the Windows Server 2003 family of

Free evaluation copies of SqueezePlay and all Inner Media
products are available from the Inner Media website at To read the Case Study on how
SqueezePlay helped Hewlett Packard DSPP, visit

Inner Media provides free technical support by email, phone,
or fax for both evaluation copies and purchased licenses.

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