Griffin Announces the iTrip Station Finder application

Free software helps locate available iTrip frequencies in over 200 US cities

NASHVILLE, TN – July 24, 2003. Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of exciting
hardware and software products for the Mac market, today announced the iTrip
Station Finder. This small free application assists iTrip owners in finding
clear frequencies in over 200 cities and towns in the United States. The
iTrip FM Transmitter is of the hottest iPod accessories in the world because
it allows iPod owners to play their iPod’s music in their cars or over their
stereo through the FM radio. One of iTrip’s most unique features is its
ability to broadcast to any FM frequency on the dial. The new iTrip Station
Finder application makes this process much easier and faster by suggesting
the frequencies that have the least interference near them. The iTrip
Station Finder is available immediately and can be downloaded at

The iTrip Station Finder’s city-based frequency list has been compiled by
analyzing extensive data about a given metropolitan area and its current
radio station offerings. Frequencies were then selected that were not only
empty, but also contained adjacent clear channels. For example in Dallas, TX
102.5 is suggested for use with the iTrip. That means that not only 102.5 is
clear, but 102.3 and 102.7 are clear as well.

“Finding an open station for the iTrip in large urban areas can be very
difficult – but they’re still out there. The iTrip Station Finder saves a
great deal of time by suggesting possible stations to start with instead of
the user looking for them like a needle in a haystack.” said Paul Griffin,
Griffin Technology.

Pricing & Availability –

The iTrip Station Finder is FREE and available now for download at

The new iTrip – FM Transmitter for the new iPod is priced $35 USD and will
begin shipping later this summer. Pre orders are now being accepted at the
Griffin Technology website located at

The original iTrip – FM Transmitter for original iPods with the FireWire
jack on top is priced $35 USD and is now available for purchase from Griffin
at as well as most finer computer outlets
like the Apple Store.

Press Contact –

Andrew Green
VP-Marketing & Design
Griffin Technology

iTrip-Hi Resolution Artwork –

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