SpamBolt =96 Countdown to the end of Spam

25th April 2003 – Vicomsoft, ( leading provider of
Internet sharing and e-security solutions, today announced that the
countdown to the end of Spam has begun. With the release of SpamBolt, a
brand new and inventive server-based Anti-Spam solution at the end of May
2003, Spammers can see the end in sight, with SpamBolt promising to bolt
the door on Spam forever!

For many years Vicomsoft has been developing innovative and original
software that combats a great number of the problems that businesses and
institutions face from Internet threats and security issues. During this
time, an annoying side effect of electronic communications has reared its
ugly head and is plaguing organizations in the global marketplace. This
scourge of the Internet age is everywhere; unceasing and relentless. It
carries with it harmful viruses that can infect networks in the blink of an
eye, while also spreading unsavory and distasteful content around homes,
businesses and schools, without a thought for who might see these horrors
of the inbox.

These unsolicited emails are also blocking up precious company bandwidth
and bombarding domains with unwanted junkmail that costs literally millions
of man-hours each and every year to clear. The worst aspect of all though,
is that Spam is on the increase. Organizations around the globe are just
now beginning to realize that the problem is out of control and Spam is
very quickly becoming the biggest security threat that the Internet has
ever seen.

Vicomsoft too has been a victim of unsolicited mail on a grand scale; a
fact that prompted their renowned and experienced development team into
action to create the most effective and safest anti-Spam software solution
ever launched.

The name of this ingenious server-based anti-Spam solution is SpamBolt.
Once installed on a network, SpamBolt will instantly begin to protect mail
servers from Spam attacks, while providing the system administrator with a
powerful set of mail rules that ensure Spam is blocked forever, while
important and genuine emails are led safely to their final destination. At
last, companies and institutions everywhere can bolt the door on Spam and
start to communicate effectively again with like-minded users around the
Worldwide Web.

SpamBolt locks away junkmail, keeping your inbox and your bandwidth free,
while protecting users from the seedy, offensive and the downright
disgusting elements that lurk within unsolicited emails.

The countdown to the end of Spam has begun. A 30-day evaluation version of
SpamBolt will be available at the end of May 2003 to download from for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or XP.

In the meantime, you can find out more about SpamBolt by logging on to

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