Solutions Etcetera Announces SuperEdit 4.1

January 13, 2003 – Solutions Etcetera announces SuperEdit 4.1. Solutions
Etcetera announced today the availability of SuperEdit 4.1, a free upgrade
to SuperCard’s powerful static editing environment.

“We’re delighted to announce that with SuperEdit 4.1, full card and
background editing have now been implemented making the SuperCard/SuperEdit
combination the most powerful editing solution available in card based
authoring environments.” said Scott Simon, director of product development
for Solutions Etcetera. “SuperEdit provides a fast and effective
environment for editing projects without script execution. This means
projects with idle handlers or other scripts that may get in the way of
editing at runtime are a snap to work with. It also means that making major
changes to projects such as copying complete menu sets or windows from one
project to another is as simple as copy and paste. SuperEdit’s “Run”
command instantly launches your project into the SuperCard runtime for
testing of script based functionality, and closing your project returns you
to SuperEdit just as fast. ”

The SuperEdit 4.1 Update is available now from the SuperCard web site at:

SuperCard is used by Mac professionals and hobbyists alike to create just
about any type of application including games, teaching aides, utilities,
personal productivity tools, automation tools, kiosks, and other multimedia
rich projects. Now OS X users will be able to experience the power and ease
of use that SuperCard has to offer.

For more information contact Solutions Etcetera: