YEVO Labs’ YEVO 1 launches the company’s new generation of smart headphones engineered using Near-Field Magnetic Induction pairing technology, setting them apart from other Bluetooth-connected wireless devices.

Listeners will experience total freedom of movement without any wires. The YEVO 1 is available now for $249 at Bloomingdales US, Best Buy Canada, Colette Paris and worldwide at Wrapped in rose gold, gold and glossy black accents, the headphones are available in three colors: jet black, ivory white and onyx black.

The headphone’s streamlined aesthetic is inspired by faceted metals and smooth silhouettes. The headphones deliver a synchronized and wire-free HD sound experience through Knowles balanced armatures and the latest advancements in audio. They deliver a sound quality that’s fine-tuned to hit crisp highs and deep lows.
The YEVO 1 lets listeners experience ultimate freedom with Bluetooth 4.1 connection and Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) pairing for secure connectivity. NFMI technology, originating in the hearing aid industry, utilizes a low-power magnetic field to transmit data, meaning listeners will use less power with YEVO 1 than other Bluetooth-connected headphones.
As soon as YEVO 1 is inserted into listeners’ ears, they will experience the headphone’s Passive Noise Cancellation. YEVO also lets the world in with just a tap, activating the Audio Transparency feature so users can hear and react to their surroundings, like crossing busy city streets on their morning commute. Touch sensor technology coupled with three built-in microphones turn functional elements into distinctive design features allowing listeners to control music and manage volume, take phone calls, activate Audio Transparency, and access smart features like Siri and Google Assistant with just a tap.
Through the YEVO app, users can bring the listening experience to life by enabling equalizer to choose between a preset mode or customize their music exactly the way they want it. Passive Noise Cancellation and Audio Transparency technology, which regulate the level of noise from the environment around us, can also be controlled through the app, which is available now for iOS and Android.
Perfect for travel and long commutes, the YEVO 1 comes with a storage case that also functions as a portable charger holding up to five extra charges. The headphones offer up to 20 hours of total battery life. Six additional ear tips guarantee a customized, secure fit so earbuds will never slip out of your ears.