REALbasic Internet Config 1.2.2 CARBONIZED RELEASED

Hi list,

I just released a new version of Realbasic Internet Config (R.I.C). The most
important change is, that it is now Carbon compatible (MacOS X 10.0.2 or
newer) and works in RB 3x or newer.

RIC is a Internet-Configuration-System for Realbasic – developers . It
supports most of the features that are available through Internet Config 2.x
by ‘Quinn’ and Peter Lewis.

Get it here – it’s free!:



R.I.C 1.2.2 – 22.11.2002

[Opt] Carbon-support
[Chg] Now requires RB 3 or newer (for a RB2 version, feel free to contact
[Bug] Fixed a bug, where FontMappings were not retrieved, when some fonts
were truncated (which returns error -670)
[Opt] Updated Internet Demo according to the previously mentioned bug

— Andy Fuchs
— silent movie media