TECSoft’s Renowned AppleScript Training Now For Mac OS X and 9!

TECSoft’s no-tears introductory AppleScript training is the best way
possible to quickly get started and be productive with AppleScript.

You Will Learn

* How to begin working with AppleScript

* How to use commands, objects, dictionaries, variables, conditional
statements, repeat loops, tell statements, the object model, elements,
properties, subroutines, and more

* Mac OS 9 Version: How to script FileMaker Pro, Canto Cumulus,
QuarkXPress, the OS 9 Finder, and other scriptable applications

* Mac OS X Version: How to script FileMaker Pro, iView MediaPro, InDesign,
the OS X Finder, and other scriptable applications

* How to use AppleScript to join applications together to create powerful
software automation solutions

No programming experience required. Available in these exciting flavors:
Online – http://www.tecsoft.com/applescript_training/online/ Hands-on –
http://www.tecsoft.com/ascourse.lasso CD-ROM –

The AppleScript experts in the TECSoft Developers Consortium can provide
you with exactly the automation solution you need.

“TECSoft consistently provides quality AppleScript solutions and training.
I often hear positive comments from their customers, and I don’t hesitate
to recommend them to corporations and individuals looking to implement
AppleScript.” – Sal Soghoian, AppleScript Product Manager, Apple Computer,
Inc. http://www.apple.com/applescript

Web: http://www.tecsoft.com Email: applescript@tecsoft.com Phone:
800-626-4119 / 631-267-0700 Fax: 631-267-2386 Write: TECSoft, 136 Main
Street, PO Box 2220, Amagansett, NY 11930

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