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Apple readying new Power Mac G5s?

CNET News.com reports that Apple recently included photos of a yet-to-be released Power Mac G5 in a service manual, suggesting the the company will soon introduce updated models. The photos show a single heat sink covering dual G5 processors and a new vertical memory configuration. CNET News.com also notes that the new machines could be released “sooner rather than later” because wait times for the G5s have recently climbed to seven to 10 business days on the online Apple store.

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Apple told to halt G5 claims; Dell behind complaint

The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus has recommended that Apple discontinue and modify its comparative performance claims regarding the Power Mac G5. NAD said the truth and accuracy of Apple’s claims were brought to their attention by Dell. NAD determined that the evidence provided by Apple did not provide a reasonable basis for its claims that the G5 is “the world’s fastest, most powerful personal computer” and that it “edged out the competition on integer.” Read More

Analyst expects speed-bumped G5s next month

IBM is ready to deliver a new version of its PowerPC processor — at speeds of 2.4 to 2.6GHz — to Apple by the end of this year, in time for a revision to the Power Mac G5 line, according to Peter Glaskowsky, analyst with Instat/MDR and editor-in-chief of the Microprocessor Report. “The main improvement to the PowerPC chip, known internally at IBM as the PowerPC 970fx, will be a reduction of the features on the chip itself, from sizes of 130 nanometers to 90 nanometers.

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Power Mac G5 a ‘superhero assistant’

“Having Apple Computer’s new Power Mac G5 around the office is like having a superhero assistant,” writes Jon Fortt in his review of the machine for the Mercury News. “If you’ve got lots of graphics or video heavy-lifting to do all at once, it’s amazing. If you’re just moving documents around, then there are less muscle-bound machines that are probably more in your price range.” Read More