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Making sense of the Beatles vs Apple lawsuit

In his “Byte of the Apple” column on BusinessWeek this week, Alex Salkever offers a nice overview of the ongoing battle between Apple Computer and the Beatles’ Apple Corps (see related stories). Salkever provides some history on the issues and offers an educated guess at just how the trial/settlement might go. “This is one suit that appears to present a strong chance for an Apple Computer win.

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The Beatles ‘gearing up for a fight’ with Apple

Fox News reports that the Beatles may soon take legal action against Apple over the iTunes Music Store. “The Beatles own a holding company called Apple Corps, Ltd., which controls Apple Records… Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs was such a Beatle fan that he named his company after the record label. But the Beatles, who are notoriously protective of their rights and quite litigious, weren’t so happy with Jobs.

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