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Author: neil

2X unites application, desktop virtualization with thin client management

2X Software has released version 8 of its 2X ApplicationServer and 2X
VirtualDesktopServer products. The new version not only includes the
ability to publish applications and virtual desktops, but also allows
the management of user thin client configurations from within the
application console.

This creates an all-in-one application for remote publishing and
device management, according to Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software.
The new release will further reduce IT administration hassles, by
allowing centralized control of both device groups and published

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QNAP expands Turbo NAS line-up

QNAP Systems (http://www.qnap.com) — a manufacturer of NAS servers,
NVR video surveillance systems, and network-based video players —
has expanded its Turbo NAS lineup with two new mid-range NAS servers
targeted at SMB and corporate customers.

The new TS-239 Pro II (a two-drive model) and TS-439 Pro II (a
four-drive model) incorporate the new Intel Atom D410 single-core
processor, which delivers up to 8TB of performance and networked
storage. the TS-239 Pro II and TS-439 Pro II NAS servers are
compatible with VMware’s vSphere4 (ESX 4.0) virtualization platform

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On the eve of the “Tablet”

There’s much ado this week over Apple’s "Tablet" announcement tomorrow.  It’s particularly interesting that more people know about this announcement than they do that President Obama is doing the annual "State of the Union" address the same day.  There’s no doubt that we’ll see some surprises.

I’ll put my stake in the ground and say that I believe the tablet will be:

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