Winter Wolves has released The Flower Shop
(, an US$19.99 dating
and farming simulation for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. Windows and
Linux versions are also available.

Here’s how the game is described: “The Flower Shop akes place in
Fairbrook, a small farming community in northern California. Steve is
a college freshman with relationship troubles. His girlfriend just
dumped him, and his father is angry at him for his poor grades. As
punishment, Steve is sent to work on his uncle’s farm for the summer
in the hope that he’ll learn self discipline. Although he initially
resents the idea of spending a summer toiling away in a small town
away from his home, he soon makes friends with many of the people in
the community of Fairbrook. Among his new friends are three charming
girls each with her own hopes and dreams. Will one of these
relationships bloom into romance, will Steve make up with his
girlfriend, or will this summer leave him alone? Everything depends
on the heart and determination of the player.”

The Flower Shop features anime-style artwork, a scheduler that allows
players to plan their weeks, and a farming sim where players can grow
and sell crops. There are nine variable endings that change based on
your interaction with characters.